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EMA 2023 DJs

Kim has been fascinated with tango music for years. She first started working in her own community as a guest DJ and soon after expanded into other communities. Kim’s style is best characterized by creating a positive, upbeat environment that highlights the subtle beauty and diversity of the tango music. She loves connecting with others through music and dance.

She has DJed for ESO tango marathon, Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, and Toronto Tango Experience among others. Kim lives in Cleveland, OH and works as a Spanish teacher.

Mark Sakowski is a very versatile DJ with over 26 years experience playing music for dancers.  For the last 20 years he has DJ'ed predominantly but not exclusively Argentine tango and specializes in playing an inspiring mix of traditional tango, vals & milonga in a similar style as the best milongas in Buenos Aires.  

A few of the venues Mark has DJ'ed at are:  Fandango De Tango 2014, Boston Tango Festival 2015, 2016 & 2017, One City Tango Marathon 2015, the Official ATUSA Championships in San Francisco in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022, the 2016 Providence New Year's Eve Tango Marathon and the International Tango Maya Tango Festival in Cancun, Mexico 2017 & 2018, Chicago Mini Tango Festival 2019 and  En tus abrazos encuentro 2019. Mark also won the "1st Annual Tango DJ Competition" in Somerville, Massachusetts in September of 2013

For more than 15 years, Jorge has been working as a DJ for different disciplines for private events around the world. He acts as Tango Tandas curator in Argentina. He has curated Tango Music for festivals in South Korea, Finland, Rusia, Armenia and Italy. He also trains and coaches DJs that want to explore the Tango world.

His goal is to achieve a harmonic, melodic and rhythmic line between the most important Tango Orchestras. For him it is essential the balance between traditional and new orchestras. He believes that: "The music has the power to set a milonga on fire".

Harvey was born in NYC and since 1984 has lived in Washington, DC. In 2011, he started dancing tango and has participated in many tango events in North America, Europe and Argentina. Harvey has organized tango events and DJ’ed for milongas, marathons, retreats, house parties, and special celebrations.

As a DJ, he strives to understand the feelings of groups of people and generates shared moods.


In the midst of dancers’ lives ups and downs, he loves to spark sudden bursts of happiness. While feeling a
miraculous connection with the dancers, Harvey invites them to a better place.

Tentative Schedule
Saturday Night
Sunday Afternoon
Tentative Schedule
Friday Night
Saturday Afternoon
Tentative Schedule
Friday  Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon
D J ♦️ Kimberl ♦️ Scola
Cleveland, OH
Jorge Mendoza.jpg
D J ♦️ Jorge ♦️ Mendoza
Buenas Aires, Argentina
DJ Harvey Photo 2.jpg
D J ♦️ Harvey ♦️ Schwartz
Washington , DC
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