EMA 2022 DJs

Yatma was born in Senegal and has lived in Italy for over twenty years. His first dance experiences, in Dakar, belong to the world of salsa and hip hop. Yatma started tango dancing more than ten years ago.


His energy and positivity are unlimited. You feel it in its dance. You feel it in his music. His sensitivity to what a milonga needs is just awesome! Yatma is a professional sound engineer only the best of tango with the best sound quality.


It will be a milonga full of energy.

Harvey was born in NYC and since 1984 has lived in Washington, DC. In 2011, he started dancing tango and has participated in many tango events in North America, Europe and Argentina. Harvey has organized tango events and DJ’ed for milongas, marathons, retreats, house parties, and special celebrations.

As a DJ, he strives to understand the feelings of groups of people and generates shared moods.


In the midst of dancers’ lives ups and downs, he loves to spark sudden bursts of happiness. While feeling a
miraculous connection with the dancers, Harvey invites them to a better place.

Tentative Schedule
Sunday Night
Saturday Afternoon
Tentative Schedule
Sunday  Afternoon
Friday Night
D J ♦️ Kimberl ♦️ Scola
Cleveland, OH

Kim has been fascinated with tango music for years. She first started working in her own community as a guest DJ and soon after expanded into other communities. Kim’s style is best characterized by creating a positive, upbeat environment that highlights the subtle beauty and diversity of the tango music. She loves connecting with others through music and dance.

She has DJed for ESO tango marathon, Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, and Toronto Tango Experience among others. Kim lives in Cleveland, OH and works as a Spanish teacher.

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D J ♦️ Yatma ♦️ Diallo
Milan, Italy
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D J ♦️ Harvey ♦️ Schwartz
Washington , DC
Tentative Schedule
Saturday Night
Friday Afternoon