EMA 2021 DJs

Monti B&W cropped.png
D J ♦️ Guillermo ♦️ Monti
Berlin, Germany

Guillermo is a musician, choir director, singer and internationally renowned tango DJ. His specialty is playing vinyl, which we hope to have him do for us at EMA 2020. Whether with Vinyl or Digital, he is known to inspire dancers with the best and highest possible quality of music selection. 

Guillermo was born in Buenos Aires into a family that was immersed in tango- he recalls vividly attending milongas in his neighborhood as a boy with his parents where D’Arienzo and Pugliese were playing live on stage. About 8 years ago, Guillermo moved to his new home, Berlin, Germany.

Tentative Schedule
Saturday Night Milonga
Sunday Afternoon Milonga
D J ♦️ Kim ♦️ Scola
Cleveland, OH

Kim has been fascinated with tango music for years. She first started working in her own community as a guest DJ and soon after expanded into other communities. Kim’s style is best characterized by creating a positive, upbeat environment that highlights the subtle beauty and diversity of the tango music. She loves connecting with others through music and dance.

She has DJed for ESO tango marathon, Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, and Toronto Tango Experience among others. Kim lives in Cleveland, OH and works as a Spanish teacher.

Tentative Schedule
Sunday Night Milonga
Friday Afternoon Milonga
D J ♦️ ????? ♦️ ????????
???, ???

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Tentative Schedule
Friday Night Milonga
Saturday Afternoon Milonga