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Milonguero Style of Tango

The following information is my own personal understanding of milonguero style of tango. I realised there are many other views and I respect them all because there is no right or wrong perspectives.


Who is a milonguero or a milonguera? To me, it is one that upholds the values of milonguero style of tango. But what is milonguero style of tango? Again in my view, it is a style that upholds the values of a milonguero embrace. And what is a milonguero embrace? It is one that provides comfort and safe to both dancers, respects the other dancers and the dance floor, and is considerate of other tango communities and the tango culture as a whole. 


Simple? Yes, it really is simple! The key word here is respect!


But how can we cultivate the culture of respect? Well, the milongueros of the golden age of tango, realizing this problem, came up with a set of etiquettes (better known as códigos) that participants could follow to ensure an enjoyable experience by all. To learn more about the códigos  of tango, please click here.


At the end of the day, we all want to dance more at the social events and the more we uphold the embracing and respectful values of tango, the more we will be in demand.

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