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Pre-Registration Form


Some people may consider making an event invitational to be elitist or even snobbish. But think about it. When you have a party, you usually have a guest list. The people in your guest list are those who are compatible with your vision for that gathering. By the same token, we invite people who view tango and tango events the way we do for this particular event. Anyone who shares our vision listed in our mission statement is welcome to apply. However, if we don't know you and someone in our guest list has not recommended you, we would need to make sure that you are well versed in the milonguero style culture and tradition. We hope you understand and appreciate our efforts as they have one and only one objective: to improve everyone's experience and enjoyment at the event. Before you continue with the form, we encourage you to read the following pages on our website to see if this style and the vision resonates with you.

Mission Statement 

About Milonguero Style

About Tango Etiquettes

If you are experiencing issues with the Pre-Registration form you can fill it out by copying and pasting this link in a new tab:

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