Organizing events is hard work- very hard work!


Then, why do people keep doing it? Because they have a vision and they want to manifest it. I too have a vision for an encuentro and I will spend hundreds of hours in the next few months to implement it.


Please read the mission statements below and if they resonate with you, I personally invite you to join me in implementing them:

  1. To expand the concept of embrace to include all dancers, the dance floor, all communities, and the milonguero tango culture itself.

  2. To promote a sense of love, compassion, respect, safety, and comfort within the embrace and towards all other participants.

  3. To avoid any ego-driven activities that can stain the embracing nature of the milonguero style of tango.

There are other important issues but I think they all fall under these three umbrellas.

Thank you,

Abbas Rakhshani

Mission Statement


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